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 The Charlbury Group


The Charlbury Group was established in 2008 and provides market leading technology solutions, data delivery and workflow management throughout the UK Housing sector.​

The Charlbury Group’s in-house technology team has built, and maintains, a variety of systems used by thousands of UK housing professionals on a daily basis.

Our reputation is built on delivering specialist, reliable and scalable solutions in the lending, lettings and arrears sectors.

Our products are embedded in our client’s arrears management and workflow processes and, as a result, we play an integral part in delivering approved arrears management strategies.


The Arrears Management System (AMS) is an advanced distribution and allocation engine.

AMS provides instructing sources, such as lenders and mortgage servicers with a single interface connecting them to their suppliers across the market including Asset Managers, Litigation Solicitors and Field Agent firms.

The system passes encrypted and secure data directly from the customer to their suppliers according to allocation preferences.

Allocations are controlled by the customer, based upon supplier performance.

AMS generates a crucial range of independent management information that enables lenders and servicers to control and monitor third party providers during the arrears process.

The Charlbury Group has contracts with the majority (by volume) of UK residential mortgage lenders, and our technology is embedded in the arrears process of lenders responsible for over 75% of all arrears cases.


The Charlbury Group has a technology team completely focused on understanding and satisfying the needs of firms operating in the UK property market

We do not outsource; choosing instead to have a dedicated in-house IT team based in our head office just outside London.

Our technology team has vast experience designing web-based data exchange and work-flow systems, together with vast knowledge and success in creating interfaces between systems.

The Charlbury Group has a proven track record of building systems that are innovative, practical, scalable and secure.

We deliver projects on time and on budget. It’s our business to help your business thrive.

About us

Our story is simply a long history of delivering robust, reliable and innovative solutions for our customers.

Over the past decade we have built, developed and maintained a variety of I.T. projects and platforms including:

A conveyancing platform that enables quotations and instructions to be distributed quickly and efficiently out to a panel of conveyancers

interfaces between systems.

A property data platform 

that enables our client to build the search packs required by solicitors and conveyancers to conduct housing transactions

A secure platform allowing the UK’s largest independent estate agent to quote, instruct and manage conveyancing instructions


A lettings platform allowing one of the UK’s largest letting agents to undertake lettings checks on potential tenants

An asset management platform allowing one of the UK’s leading asset management firms to manage properties taken into possession on behalf of their lender clients.

A estate agent focused platform allowing a leading London based estate agent to manage conveyancing instructions

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